In the Rear View…

Some light packing before we move on…

Most important book I read this year:

Despite the fact I’m still reading it, The New Jim Crow is my filter for everything 2020. It feels like homework though…Black Homework.

The book I should be talking about here is The Nickel Boys. Another time…

My adventures in viewing and listening..

For the record: album plays 2020

I was particularly obsessed with the work of Abel Ferrara, specifically his movies with Willem Dafoe. That then morphed into a mild fixation on Dafoe’s work.

I finally started to explore the Studio Ghibli library. That was a wonderful way to spend time with my daughter.

For the record:

Letterboxd Highlights 2020

Like most everyone else, I found it necessary to distract myself with endless hours of television. That will be corrected.

I May Destroy You had the most impact on me, and is the one show that I will carry with me into the future.

I also can’t stop thinking about Ted Lasso.

I don’t have time for distractions. I’ve got too much to get done…

Adios, see you down the road.

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