How to Survive, Fight, and Win in Troubling Times…

1.Know your adversary.

Be willing and able (see #3) to apply disciplined analysis to those who would do you harm. Don’t waste your time responding emotionally. Feel what you must, do not let your emotions color how you see your adversary.

2.Be honest with yourself.

What strengthens you? How can you be compromised and exploited? Be as ruthless in answering these questions as you are in asking them about your adversary. (1) Be sure they are asking the same questions about you.

3.Do. Better.

What are you doing today that your adversary is not? What is your adversary doing that you are not? Is there a new way? Better is a habit you build with practice.

4.Grow your team.

A smart man once said, “Move as a team, never move alone.” Two corollaries: Keep it small. Trust and verify.

5.Wait. Watch.

Timing and preparation are the best ways to control risk. If you are patient and pay attention, your adversary will reveal how and when you can defeat them.

6.Move swift. Fully commit.

When it is time to act, do not hesitate. Do not look back. Let your sword be quick and sharp.

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