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Competence and Humanity…

To be honest, that’s a low bar for Presidential qualifications. And yet, here we are. One day, maybe, we’ll get back to looking for excellence. Did we ever? You could say Obama was the most qualified to serve since… Well, Bush Sr had a full CV. It’s overwhelmingly clear that resume doesn’t count for shit. Otherwise, Hillary would be getting sworn in for a second term. And yet…

So what’s a reasonable expectation for a Biden-Harris administration? Folks on the Left have been yearning for a return to FDR; sweeping social programs and a patriotism rooted in serving the common good. Now they have their chance with COVID. It’s their BIG PROBLEM THAT REQUIRES BIG SOLUTIONS.

There’s not much chance they’ll get far because on the Right, Communism lurks in every shadow. And just like The Great Pumpkin, it never appears. Conservatives look like Linus sitting in the pumpkin patch, angry and afraid because someone “stole” and their security blanket. Never mind, that’s an insult to Linus. At least he believed in something.

Am I clownin’ on Republicans? Yes. They deserved to be roasted for selling their party out to a game show grifter. Someone should’ve told them about Lonesome Rhodes. Too late.

Meanwhile, folks in the middle just want to get out of the house again. And everyone is tired of losing family and friends.

Here we are. At best, we’ll get a return to something that resembles functional, boring, governance. I’ll take it. Where’s my Joe Cool sticker?

The Bottom Line…

This is how I choose my allies.

Forewarned is forearmed…

The knowledge that I live in a culture that is hostile to my existence has been background noise for my entire life. Because, for the most part, I have disregarded that low murmur, I consider myself happy.

What about the time i had to crawl under a car to hide from the rednecks that followed me for five blocks as I walked down the sidewalk? What about the cop who threatened to kill me while I was handcuffed in the back of his patrol car? And the handful of other slights and incidents in the last 40 years? That was the price of admission.

What did I get in return for learning how to compartmentalize these existential threats? I managed to avoid the incarceration industry. I earned a degree, and I lived longer than both my father and grandfather. I have a few gray hairs, a family, and a modicum of wisdom. I am a lucky man.

Clearly, things have chganged. It’s always been open season for black men in America. Now, it’s shameless again. I am an adaptable human being and I am adapting to this radical shift in my environment with a radical shift in posture.

If you come at me, and I don’t know you, I will assume you are hostile to me and my family. As a matter of fact, I’m not waiting for you to come at me. I’m looking for you. When I find you, I will deal with you with no half measures. (Rule #6)

I know this is paranoid. I know this will damage relationships with potential allies. If you can prove me wrong, I’ll apologize, and maybe we can move on to build something. If you are truely an ally, you’ll get it.

There is no longer any room in our lives for softness or willful ignorance.


How to Survive, Fight, and Win in Troubling Times…

1.Know your adversary.

Be willing and able (see #3) to apply disciplined analysis to those who would do you harm. Don’t waste your time responding emotionally. Feel what you must, do not let your emotions color how you see your adversary.

2.Be honest with yourself.

What strengthens you? How can you be compromised and exploited? Be as ruthless in answering these questions as you are in asking them about your adversary. (1) Be sure they are asking the same questions about you.

3.Do. Better.

What are you doing today that your adversary is not? What is your adversary doing that you are not? Is there a new way? Better is a habit you build with practice.

4.Grow your team.

A smart man once said, “Move as a team, never move alone.” Two corollaries: Keep it small. Trust and verify.

5.Wait. Watch.

Timing and preparation are the best ways to control risk. If you are patient and pay attention, your adversary will reveal how and when you can defeat them.

6.Move swift. Fully commit.

When it is time to act, do not hesitate. Do not look back. Let your sword be quick and sharp.

An Opinion from Somewhere in the Middle…

For what’s it’s worth, liberals shouldn’t get too crazy with all the “End of Normal” opinionating that’s flying around. The best thing Democrats can take away from the election is this: Yes, you inherited a shit-show, and maybe you kept things from getting worse, but right now things need to get better. We’re betting on you to get it done. Don’t forget, your opponent was a milquetoast candidate who ran a reprehensible campaign. You would have a very different result against a more capable and courageous adversary. The election was close for reasons beyond “demographics”.