Otto Dix Show Closing in NYC…sad faced clown finds comfort in dying Web…

One of the major inspirations for my writing has been the work of Otto Dix. I stumbled across a documentary about him one late night and have wanted to see his prints and paintings in person for nearly a decade. That is very difficult to accomplish, since most of his work is on display in Germany. With the exception of two prints I saw in L.A. , I never thought I’d get a chance to view anything by Dix in person. And then they announced this show… Otto Dix Neue Galerie Show

With my job, my daughter, and money being what it is, it breaks my heart to know that I won’t get to see this exhibition. Thank goodness for the web, otherwise I wouldn’t have the smattering of Otto Dix works that currently live on my hard drive. Oh wait, I forgot, the Web is Dead, didn’t you hear?

Oh well, enjoy…

Neue Galerie Audio Tour

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