Otto Dix, Portrait of a Prisoner

Otto Dix, Portrait of a Prisoner



The organized killing of many people usually because of their race or religion.

As in:

“Where will you be when the pogroms begin?”

“Organizing the revolution.”

As in, Idiot, Be Good. Usually a short, heavy, rod or club used to beat the stupid senseless. Man, I really could have used one of these today.

Try this on for size…

The incessant questions from my daughter has kicked into gear. Yesterday she caught me short with this one;

“What’s a country?”

My mind automatically does something like this: Noun, person, place, thing…

My mouth does this:

“It’s a place…defined by physical borders, politics and culture.”

She was silent.

I hope I didn’t break that particular train of thought. I hope I planted a seed instead. I’ve got to get better at this real quick.

That was a good year…(2010) from jpjscribe on 8tracks Radio.

I can’t decide which one is my favorite song of the day… or

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