today's cool shit…old NYC tv ads…

today is Stevie Wonder day…in my house at least…and i can’t listen to You Are The Sunshine Of My Life without thinking about the goofy ad that used to run on television back in that day that had people bungling the lyrics…i searched and searched, but the damned internet can’t help me find it…i did find these…enjoy…

i love this block…cable for $15 a month!!!Scooter shilling for The Money Store…Carvel pimping miss half pint…and Space 1999…oh my fraking God…

i’d forgotten all about Korvettes…check out the original Atari at the end…

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  1. echolage says:

    Hey you need a Crazy Eddie ad in this mix!! Got to love Carvel's voice though, wasn't his name Frank or something?

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