How is it that this record is 16 years old and still sounds more advanced than most music being released today?

Between Kony & Trayvon…I am reminded of the words of Mr Jackson…

I should be writing – don’t fret, I have been – but I can’t wait to see this…

A drawing room comedy from Polanski? It looks like the Woody Allen movie that Woody Allen can’t be counted on to make anymore.

Of course, this one looks good to me too:

I’ve recently watched documentaries about three people who inspire me. I look at the narratives of these paragons of principled longevity and wonder if I’m deceiving myself that there’s a reason to keep going. Sometimes, I think this is the best fate I could ever expect.

Alice Neel

Melvin Van Peebles

Bill Cunningham


As in…

“Discovering I am the only person in the office who knows what Bukkake is makes me feel like I found a carbuncle on my soul. I spend too much time on the internet.”

Granted, I’m not the best grammarian, and this is not a defense of poor language skills, but… I have always believed that language is a living thing. It’s at its best when set loose from the confines and strictures of rules and allowed to roam in playful anarchy. Just sayin’.

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