back from the dead…with today's cool shit…

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this station is playing 24 hours of Mingus to celebrate his birthday…

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some hot Donna Summer action fo yo asses…

~Disco~ Donna Summer – I Feel Love from ourvinylcollection on Vimeo.

(also via ucb)

most exciting of all is this post on Deep Media

Is a nonlinear book still a book? Yes, sort of. But in both a literal and a figurative sense, the book will come unbound. As the strict linearity of printed text gives way to the associative engine of hypertext, books seem destined to become not so much grand constructs as an agglomeration of chapters. Just as you can buy individual songs on iTunes for 99 cents apiece, Johnson projects, you’ll be able to buy individual chapters or short stories.

this is just one of the kinds of things i’m working on…

we’ll catch up on the photos starting tomorrow…


  1. echolage says:

    They talk as if this is a new thing. Weren’t most of Dickens and Twain originally serialized in newspapers?

  2. JP says:

    I think the bigger point is there is an opportunity for storytelling to evolve beyond linearity…with less of a beginning, middle, and end sensibility…and towards stories shaped by a latticework of connections…and told with more than words…stories enriched with a wide variety of media…that’s what i got from it…

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