an evolution of archetypes…

as previously noted, the seeds for the new thing i’m working on…started with…the western lands…here are excerpts from my notes…dated 6.23.01…

consider Burrough’s seven souls as a model for an archetype set…

ren: the leader. arrogant, powerful, driven. can be benevolent, can be a destroyer. always has others to do the work for him, most likely sekem types, either by power or charisma. the man with the plan, but doesn’t bother with the details. this makes sekem, the detail man, his most powerful ally and his mortal foe. at best, a philanthropist. at worst, a despot. can be either sex, but a very masculine energy.
identifying phrase: I WILL

sekem: the technician. intelligent, good with her hands, takes care of the detail work. she designs the machine and pushes the buttons. a natural fit with ren, but can be easily turned because she finds ren’s arrogance contemptible. saves her best work to be used against ren.
identifying phrase: I CAN

khu: the protector. empathic, sacrificing, other centered. externally motivated interests/activities. can be allied for/against any of the other types, tending to fall in with whatever ka is pushing. a very feminine energy.
identifying phrase: YOU ARE

ba: the lover. sensual, materialistic, earthy. somewhat short-sighted, living moment to moment w/o thought to consequences. most closely aligned with ka and ren because they are best able to provide experiences she seeks.
identifying phrase: I WANT

ka: the player. charming, gregarious, team-builder. like ren, values using others to achieve goals, but less self centered. can move easily with any of the other types, though not comfortable with khaibit’s sociopathic tendencies.
identifying phrase: LET’S GO

khaibit: the seeker. curious, enigmatic, explorer. an outsider interested in asking questions and testing boundaries for the purpose of observing and recording the human experience. this type has a deep connection with mystery. the degree of awareness of this connection is reflected in the science/religion split that can occur in this type. higher levels of awareness in this type makes them less experimental and more reverent towards mystery. lower levels of awareness makes them more extreme.
identifying phrase: WHY

sekhu: the sheep. the nameless, faceless, mass. this is the vast sea of humanity. cacophonous voice, but can serve as chorus to main players. they like ren, as long as he has a benevolent facade. generally suspicious of sekem. looks to ba to guide them on what beauty/truth/art is.

additional notes:
each of the souls exists as part of an individual’s personality. what makes each individual distinctive is which souls, in what combination, are dominant and what souls, if any, are dormant. obvious factors like trigger events, conflict (interior et exterior), growth, loss, obstacles, and alliances constitute story elements.
this is a basic framework. more structure and details can be added. my instinct is to keep it open and not choke it to death with rigidity. life is flexible. death is stiff…

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  1. Vernon Pittsburgh says:

    Very interesting. I tell myself I should learn more about states of consciousness other than my own. By the way, how was the Obama experience?

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