by definition…a quandary…

the recent excavation that turned my office from this…

to this…

revealed that either I have too many books…or not enough bookshelves…so i have issued a book buying moratorium…seriously…

problem is…i need this one for research…

and this one sounds irresistible

good thing my birthday is this month…

4 thoughts on “by definition…a quandary…

  1. Mrs. Scribe

    JORB! I just don’t think I can buy you another book! Don’t make this difficult! Maybe the one for research but you know there is ALWAYS the LIBRARY!! Did someone say practice? Practice?

  2. Gary Piserchio

    My God, man, do not forbid yourself of books!! You will wither, your soul will become a parched and faded bit of shrubbery.Um, I’m not really helping, am I.

  3. Shannon Piserchio

    Wow – are you available for hire? The office of Gary Piserchio could really use a guy like you! :)


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