hello kitty…

i was too busy honing my skills at…chaos…to be of much interest to the ladies when i was in college…but i did manage to meet one or two…one of the more vivacious…was roxy…i don’t know many other people more knowledgable…and passionate…about music…than roxy…and why is it that the biggest music fans i know…are all women…anyway…she was dating someone i knew…that’s about as far as it went…over the years since college though…she kept showing up…concerts…parties…one way or another…we would bump into each other…come to think of it…it’s almost always around this time of year that we cross paths…time passes…aquaintences become almost friends…at least close enough so that whe it comes time to part with a friend…she asks me if i want her cat…which happened to be about the time i was longing for a pet…but too busy being a big city playboy…to want to make the investment of time and energy that a dog requires…warnign signal #56 that a man can be a selfish prick…hes a cat lover…

and that is how i cameto posses the loving, sexy, sassy…ms greta…so thanks roxanna…you’re one of the coolest…ever…

roxys got a blog too…mostly she seems to write about her movie going experiences…of course that means she’s got oscar picks for this weekend…which reminds me…

who should…and will win this years oscars…

BEST PICTURE should & will: Brokeback Mountain (not my favorite of the bunch, [capote] but it is the best told story amongst them)

BEST DIRECTOR should: Bennett Miller (for forging an in depth illustration of a man who previously was something of an enigma) will: Ang Lee (i have yet to see a bad movie from this guy…take a second look at hulk as a love story)

BEST ACTOR should Phillip Seymour Hoffman will: Heath Ledger (not that much better than phil sey hoff, but the momentum seems to be with the gay cowboys rather than the writer who happened to be gay)

BEST ACTRESS should & will: Reese Witherspoon, deserving outsider longshot: Felicity Huffman

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR should: Paul Giamatti (to make up for last year) will: Matt Dillon (been around…paid his dues), the damn he took one for the team award: George Clooney

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS should: Catherine Keener will: Amy Adams (hot buzz), won’t get one cause she’s already got one even if she deserves one: Frances McDormand

BEST ANIMATED FILM should & will: Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY should: A History of Violence (if you read the graphic novel and saw the movie, you know why) will: Brokeback Mountain

BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY i’m deadlocked here… The Squid and the Whale or Syriana (the edge goes to the kid beacause coming of age is easier to swallow than complex foreign policy)

BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM should & will: Palestine (topical)

Best Feature Documentary: should: Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room will: Murderball

now for my favorite part…

Best Documentary, Short Subjects: should & will: A Note of Triumph: The Golden Age of Norman Corwin (bloggers take note…especially anyone who podcasts…there’s lot to be learned from the golden age of radio)

Best Short Film, Animated: should: 9 (and looking forward to the feature length version) will: One Man Band (from the folks at pixar, funny stuff)

Best Short Film, Live Action: should: Our Time Is Up will: Cashback (favored because it also will be produced as a feature)

and the special award for most overlooked, underappreciated movie of the year goes to: Mirror Mask

that’s my view from the cheap seats…

maybe i’ll liveblog the oscars this year…

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