my current reading stack…


  1. echolage says:

    Wow talk about a set of seriously male writers you seem to have created a pile of them, all you need is some Hemingway, a copy of The Corrections, and maybe some Ford and you’d be set. That being said you’ve got some good reads in your pile.

  2. JP says:

    guilty as charged…it mostly has to do with subject matter…6 of the 10 books are hardboiled crime fiction…and I’m reading as much non fiction as I can about the Iraq war from the combat troop perspective…Generation Kill is outstanding…in my defense, I can say I’ve read Love My Rifle More Than You by Kayla Williams…I can’t recommend it…my next Iraq book is Band of Sisters by Kirsten Holmstedt…like it or not, the war in Iraq is going to have far reaching affects for generations to come…especially regarding women who serve in combat…I would bet that our first woman President will come from that pool of talent…otherwise, not much to apologize for here…I like Barthelme…I pulled that off the shelf blind, knowing only that it was a book of short stories…I was motivated to pick up The Road when I read that the movie version will be released later this year…as for the Updike…I’m using his death as an excuse to finally read him…I did the same with Mailer, and was disappointed…I may try again…I’m more than happy to field your suggestions for any women writers you think I should be reading…

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