the mix tapes…

one of the advantages of being broke and out of work is that i get to be more resourceful about my entertainment options…so…i’ve started digitizing my analog music…in this case…my old mix tapes…28 of them…today I just pulled one from the case…it has no title… and only the faint inscription of the date it was made…10/95…here’s the tracklist…and some commentary…

Side A
Hey Man, Nice Shot – Filter
Do What You Wanna Do – Lords of Acid
Creator – Messiah (this has got some soaring vocals from The Cult’s Ian Astbury…or a very good sample…anyway, that three song set is all very techno/ravey…sue me, it was 1995…also, if you don’t know the Lords of Acid, this song pretty much is all you need…)
Feel The Heat – Beautiful People (i don’t know who i’m more embarrassed for…me, for admitting to listening this…or the Hendrix estate for agreeing to let these yahoos make an entire album of club tunes using whatever samples they wanted…)
Positive – Spearhead
Dred Loc – Me’Shell NdegeOcello
9000 dizzy miles on a trane- Bad Karma (beats from a local hip hop act…)
Out of Nowhere – James Carter
This Little Girl of Mine – Ray Charles
Louisiana Blues – Muddy Waters
Weary Blues From Waiting – theThe

Side B
Root Down – Beastie Boys
Black Aura – Bad Karma
Nappy Heads – Fugees
Rentstrike – Groove Collective
Oleo – James Carter
Bullwinkle Pt 2 – The Centurians
Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver – Primus
I Saw the Light – theThe
Comin’ to Get Ya – Beautiful People
Wake Up – Rage Against The Machine
Hey Man Nice Shot (Remix) – Filter

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