i have a book…it is a collection of crime scene photos from the NYPD 1914-1918…it is titled Evidence…it is an excellent reference…this is the work that i choose…

anyway…i thought i would try to replicate a few of the photos…that turned out to be harder than i thought…here is the inspiration for today’s photo…

this is the description of the scene from the book…
“No caption. This location of this scene is not evident, although the size of the table and the impersonal-looking prints may suggest a boardinghouse or a private drinking club, perhaps a blind tiger (a pre-Prohibition illegal bucket shop) of a relatively refined sort. The ceiling is low, which may mean that it is on an attic floor. The victim was well dressed, as his tie and his fancy fur hat indicate. Possibly, given the circumstances, he was a gangster.”

here is my interpretation…

i figured i would be up all night making an exact replication…so, i did my version of it…

  1. echolage said:

    yours becomes a little more gruesome because we can see your eyes. The anonymity of the head tilted back makes the original an “any man” while yours is the story of a specific person.

  2. JP said:

    i like your observations…i think you just pointed out what i like about both photos…

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