Your word of the week…

Crepuscular– Of or like twilight; dim:

one of those fancy words that fancy people like to use to describe this phenomena when language is just not enough to convey part of the magic of being alive…while it looks good, and has a nice sound…say it…cray-pus-q-lar…it doesn’t come close to capturing what it attempts to describe…it sounds more like a medical term…for some kind of bodily function..leakage perhaps…i would rather go with something more mundane…say, twilight…

1 thought on “Your word of the week…

  1. echolage

    I always think of tonsures, as in a monk’s hair cut, when I saw the word before. Of course I never bothered to look it up so I always assumed that it had to do with halos or such. So much for context.


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