117 years…still unparalleled…

yesterday was Otto Dix‘s birthday…pardon me while i take a moment to bask in his brilliance…

Small Self-portrait, 1913

born blue collar…to an artisan family…he joined the army and fought in World War I…

Suleika, the Tattooed Wonder, 1920

he came back and proclaimed himself a Dadaist…

Self Portrait with Naked Model, 1923

he made a name for himself as a portrait artist…

Unequal Lovers, 1925

at the height of his career, the Weimar Republic was waning…cosmopolitan Germany was caught in the wild duality of decadence and economic disaster…

Newborn Baby on Hands (Ursus Dix), 1927

Dix placed himself in the chasm…and observed…and painted…

Vanitas (Youth and Old Age), 1932

what he did with pigment and canvas…has yet to be equaled…


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