i am very grateful for my friends…

a good friend…recently gave me a book…and it is a great gift simply because…while it is something i would never think to buy for myself, it is perfectly targeted to my…interests and proclivities…

i started reading it today…and the Faulkner interview is a revelation…not simply because i haven’t read any of his work…that soon will be corrected…but because his demeanor during the interview…and his stated approach to writing…felt like the words of a kindred spirit…coming from my mouth, the same words would make me sound like a…self important gas bag…i guess when you when win two pulitzers, and a nobel, you get to talk like an ass…seriously, read the interview for yourself…does this sound like someone you’d have a beer with…judge for yourself…i would…

i was also struck by his comments regarding race in america…in the context of the murder of Emmett Till…i wouldn’t be shocked to find out if Mr. Faulkner was not a saint of race relations, but i found his response to be tough, clearheaded and relavent to our new 21st century america…

…if we Americans are to survive it will have to be because we chose and elect and defend to be first of all Americans; to present to the world one homogeneous and unbroken front, whether of white American or black ones or purple or blue or green…

so, thank you Gary

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  1. Gary Piserchio says:

    Thanks, man. And thanks to my wife, Shannon (www.VenusInCombatBoots.com), who was instrumental in the procurement of the Paris Review book (it was actually her book and she ended up with two and she asked who we could give the extra copy to and my first thought was James and so, um, there you have it. Cough).

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