Son of Rambow…a review…

ms scribe & i went to see a preview of Son of Rambow last night…wonderful movie…funny, insightful, well made all around…but let’s get this out of the way up front…it’s sweet…it’s cute…but not disney saccharine sweet, and not too cute…disney would never make a movie like this…it’s got promiscuous pre-teen french kissing…the rejection of religious piety…and criminal acts by minors…the fellas of hammer & tongs…get great performances out of their cast, and deftly balance child like wonder in a believable adult world…this is one of the big differences between a children’s movie and a movie about children…more importantly, they really capture the the essence of imaginative youth…who would have thought we could look back at the 80’s as a time of innocence…

so, yeah, we liked it and recommend it to everyone…

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