a confession…an inspiration…

i have never read norman mailer…on it’s face, not such an egregious crime…as a matter of fact…some might consider it a blessing…

what with all the promotion his new book book is getting…and how he’s being lauded as…the last of the tough guy writers

given who i am…and what i claim to be…you’d think it would be a cardinal sin to miss out on one of the writers rooted in the same family tree as…papa hemingwayhank…and the good dr

well…i still don’t feel like i’m missing out on anything…then i come across these words…

“If we think of a world without novels—which is coming to pass—then existence will become more technological, and more filled with all the handmaidens of technology.”

and i re-think my assertion…so…in an act of complete futility…let’s add another book to the mountain of reading i’ve assigned myself this year…this one will do…

we’ll see…

speaking of being moved by the words of others…when i read these sentences…

“Some images are so horrifying that they worm themselves into your brain and lodge there forever, no matter how hard you work to expel them. You have to walk your conscious thoughts carefully around these images because they can hurl you into madness.”

i was forced to consider the truth of the first part…and whether or not i considered the second part to be…wisdom or foolishness…and how much i would love to explore these ideas in a story…


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