'round the horn…

some folks might look at this as bad news…all i see is a huge potential for growth in the blog audience…either they haven’t yet found their way into the blogosphere…or the blogoshpere has yet to come up with it’s equivalent to Menken, Dickens, Parker, Simmons, Murrow, or Terkel…no sweat…blogging is a growth industry…if you were to compare blogging to hip hop…we’re still having parties in the park after dark…and this could be our rappers delight

kudos for my sweet, sweet, lady

and damn if it don’t feel like spring in Denver…while the east is hammered with snow…and the west is soggy…the rocky mountains have enjoyed a string of days like (insert lame simile)…but i know better…there may be buds on the trees…girls may be walking around dressed like it’s summer…they have all been fooled…we’re due…you can count on one more snow…by opening day…

Johnny Cash Loves You!

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