the new jezebels…i like the sound of it…

ms breslin just coined a phrase for me…unless I hear otherwise…she gets credit for…The New Jezebels…as she uses it, it’s more than just a cool band name…

“The New Jezebels act like the girl in “The Exorcist,” their heads forever spinning because they can’t make up their minds if they want to spend all their time trashing men, whining about how oppressed they are by magazines, or blogging about how many times they got fucked last night–so they end up doing all three at the same time. That’d leave men kind of… confused, wouldn’t it?”

she goes on…

“Anything’s better than listening to the endless stream of static coming from the mouths of 21st century women who can’t decide if they’re feminists or freaks.”

it helps that the context for her position is…a quick and on point analysis of one of my favorite shows…Mad Menms scribe just doesn’t get it…

via The Constant Siege

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