i shoot a lot of bullshit on this page…

but this is just the kind of wacked out shit that happens around me…

last weekend ms scribe & i were lucky enough to find ourselves at a swanky fundraiser dinner and auction for a very worthy charity…after checking out the auction items…enjoying a beer…or three…and a birthday cigar with one of our gracious hosts…we sat down for dinner…which was excellent…shrimp cocktail…baby spinach salad…filet mignon…and some kind of chocolate mousse thing…sometime between the main course and desert…which reminded me of all the ribbing my family recently gave me about the ten or so pounds i’ve gained since leaving my last job…prosperity pounds, they called it…anyway…a woman walked into the ballroom in a terry cloth robe…we were near the back, so when she walked in, i assumed it was to promote one of the live auction items…a spa stay…but she quickly looked around, confused, and hustled out of the room as if she was in the wrong room…minutes later, she was back standing at the door…her robe was open and one of her breasts was hanging out…what first looked like confusion was now clearly…drunkenness…we made eye contact…i attempted to subtly signal to her that she might want to cover up… it didn’t work out so well…some of the other people at our table turned to look…and caught the full show…and it was a good looking tit…part of what looked to be the well maintained body of a nearing middle aged suburban housewife…just as the guy next to me was giving me the elbow…in case i was missing what was going on…hotel security swooped down on her and walked her off…after the standard introductory conversation, the table had grown quiet…now we all had something to talk about …

ms scribe still thinks the woman was flirting with me…

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