um, redesign

yeaqh…it was time…mostly because this started out as a secret blog…just for me…and then i built in some secret passages and trappdoors to lead people here…when i started sending out direcdt links to it…well…the secrets out…so why not make the place presentalbe…and while i’m at it…

restate my purpose here…

this is a journal of my creative process. i’ll talk about what inspires me, how something goes from idea to words on the page, and anything else that might spill out of my head.

i am a writer/filmmaker in denver, colorado

my work is informed by a variety of creative forces:

Burroughs, William

Bukowski, Charles

Thompson, Hunter & Jim

Himes, Chester

Carver, Raymond

Dreiser, Theodore

Goines, Donald

Steinbeck, John

Leigh, Mike

Lee, Spike

Scorsese, Martin

Dix, Otto

Gilliam, Terry

Simone, Nina

D, Chuck

Waits, Tom

Mingus, Charles

Cash, Johnny

Mother Africa


to name a handful.

i’ve been writing for 18 years.

i’ve been writing seriously in happy obscurity for 10 years

i have have a passion/weakness for women and alcohol.

this is my testimony.

make believe love is a poisonous pleasure

real love is the sand in my shoe

the passion that feeds me is my passion for words

at the end of the day i am my own best company

at the end of my life all i have is me

  • Johnny Cash Loves You!
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