outdoor rock concerts…the reasons why not…frat house mall boys…with their mohawk mulletts and plastic elvis glasses…i wanna pimp slap them just to watch the truckeer capps fall off their heads…their drunk dates…falling down laoded before the sun sets…before the show’s over, she”ll be puking or getign fucked in the back of somebody’s car…the acid eating hippies…reeling in the years…the only thing stronger than their pachouli…the stink of regret..some of us live in the here and now…yuppies who show up late to a GA show…pushing their way in front…walking gentrification…me…for spending the first hour of the show writing this rant in my head.

the reasons why…musicians who play with passion and integrity…fans returning that passion with enthusiasm and respect…the contact high

  • Johnny Cash Loves You!
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