i want to take a moment to talk about timmie…you know timmie…timmie tells you when he’s going to the bathroom…timmie uses the word kewl…timmie also uses words like hegemony and tetosterone poisoned…timmie uses finger quotes…timmie doesn’t like the word fuck…timmie doesn’t like the word cock…timmie especially doesn’t like the words bitch or cunt…and timmie would never use them in front of a woman…timmie likes women (mostly) but can never look them in the eye…timmie thinks words like nigger, wasp, kike, dyke, breeder, wop, mick, chink, or limey are denigrating to humanity…timmie doesn’t know that words only have power if you allow them to…timmie will tell you sinatra beat mia…timmie will tell you cash was a pill freak…timmie will tell you MJ is a victim…timmie has no secrets, he’s an open book…you can read all about timmie on his blog…timmie can always be reached on his home phone, office phone, fax, cell phone, pager, email, and IM…timmie leaves long, detailed messages…timmie likes to explain himself…timmie has never thrown a punch in his life…timmie has never had his ass kicked either (he needs it)…the only hats timmie owns are baseball caps…timmie used to wear a trucker cap, but that’s not kewl anymore…timmie misses the days you could wear chuck taylors at work…timmie misses his old job at poorbusinessmodel.com…now timmie has to be a grown up and put on a tie…just like his father…timmie is what’s left of manhood after centuries of being whittled at and worn down…are you timmie?…my man tony knows…he can help you…don’t be timmie

  • Johnny Cash Loves You!
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